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Vintage silver sterling Cutlery and bone handled knives

Silver Sterling Vintage Forks - $1.00 each

Bone Handled Vintage Knives - $1.00 each

Silver Sterling Vintage Spoons - $1.00 each

These compliment each other. Talk to us about styling your wedding tables. Mavis and Foxe can put together something super classy that your guests will be talking about forever. M x

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m&F plates image coming soon

Vintage Glassware

Champagne Flutes - Mismatch (Vintage) $2.00 per glass

Wine Glasses - Mismatch (Vintage) $2.00 per glass

Whiskey Tumblers - Mismatch (Vintage) $1.50 per glass

Port Glasses - Mismatch (Vintage) $1.50 per glass


M&F Plates

Vintage and modern plates because M&F love to mix and mingle.

Plates - $2.00 per plate