so Who are Mavis and Foxe?

This has been a really long, but oh so fun, ride already! I (Mavis) have always been a lover of beautiful furniture and beautiful design.  I have been lucky enough (Foxe Chuckles) to grow up in an environment where design was a BIG part of our families life. 

A mother who had her own business as a Architectual Draughtsperson,  a sister, who is next level clever,  and owns her own business, and a father who has a pretty good eye as well.  So it really was inevitable, that at some point,  I was going to do something that also followed suit. 

My background, I am 38.  I am a trained Primary School teacher, I have one natural born child (Theo who is 14 months old), Two Step Children, and one very handsome Silver Foxe (My Love).  I am Not married Yet! (talk to Foxe about that!), but I have had the pleasure of working for some magic, very well known, restaurant owners who have taught me all of my hospitality knowlegde. I also worked for an event company in Hawkes Bay which contracted out to different events - so one weekend I would be doing a wedding in a marquee in the back end of no-where and then the next an intimate 10 person function at a local winery, with an important celebrity guest. Whatever it was I always enjoyed it and I know how things work when it comes to planning and every little detail that needs to be planned for on the day and before.

 I joke that Foxe is my delivery boy and set up boy but really he is my rock and my kick up the bottom person, who tells me to get on with it, whatever that may be.   Foxe is very busy, doing very important things with the world but checks in from time to time with kisses, coffee and funny but very painful advice! I love him.   I also need to mention he is extremely handsome and also has a great eye (although I do find that hard to admit sometimes) 

I have found this industry extremely supportive, people help each other and compliment each other and with the world of Instagram, Facebook and the likes people all seem to stay in touch with little messages of encouragement and help along the way.  

Its hard to go out on your own, some people criticise, some people encourage, some people have absolute joy and excitement for you - its just like normal life,  you stick with the supportive ones when things get a little interesting and self-doubt starts creeping in.  

We have been overwhelmed by the interest from the General Public, Brides, Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Grooms, and Other Businesses and the excitement they too feel for our brand and our website.  This excitement makes it all worth while and excited about our future. 

Watch out for us, we are out and about this summer at a few events locally, come and check out what we have on offer - This is just the start of Mavis and Foxe and we are excited...

P.s - We have a new, very pretty, friend arriving soon - look out for her. xx