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Can't find what you're looking for?  Perhaps you have a special event in mind and you'd like us to put together a curated collection? Holding an wedding at the back of a farm where the only access is 4WD? Really like a certain platter but you need a different colour?  We're not promising we can solve everything but there isn't much we haven't seen before.

Tell us about your wedding, party, your plans or your problems and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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When's the party?
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Mae Pullar - Owner and Furniture Enthusiast

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A bit about Mavis

My name is actually Mae not Mavis but forever my closest friends have always called me Mavis and it has stuck, so it seemed appropirate to name part of the business Mavis along side with my Silver Foxe Kris.  We live in Camborne, with our Kids Full time (Theodore) and part time (George and Fred) as well as our beloved Hairy Mclary,  Chewie Dog.  I am a mum, step-mum, dog lover, partner lover,  part time technology teacher, and furniture enthusiast.  Enjoy and lets talk soon. x